OUR MISSION: To bring you the best in tech and pop-culture.

Our goal was to start a podcast that was raw and unfiltered with our opinions on technology and pop-culture. Whether it be smartphones, movies, the latest Netflix series, or the newest laptop or graphics cards on the market; we will be there bringing our thoughts on the state of the union in the Kingdom of Geekdom. Shawn Michael brings years of experience as a well-trained technologist. Chris loves the art of story-telling whether it be through comics, TV, movies, or even a great podcast play. It is our goal to not only keep geeks informed on the stories that will affect them and their lifestyle, but to educate the non-geeks among us to learn about their tech and keep them in the loop on our favorite forms of entertainment.


Shawn Michael 

Co-Founder, Technologist, Gamer, Geek


Co-Founder, Pop Culture Aficionado, Gamer, Geek