Microsoft's 4K-capable Xbox One S leaks before E3

There have been a lot of rumors about Microsoft launching a new console this year at E3. Apparently the rumors are real. NeoGAF members have posted multiple images of what they say is the Xbox One S; the leak points to a massive course correction for the console. For a start, no more 1980s BETAMAX design -- the S is MUCH smaller than the gigantic original (40 percent). The new white, patterned case is definitely more eye-catching, and the power brick is internal, too.

Sources say that the features mentioned in the leak are on the mark. This system will support both 4K video and High Dynamic Range content, making it a good complement to your brand new TV. You'll also get that cavernous 2TB hard drive, a "streamlined controller" and a vertical stand for showing off. Now the only questions that remain are, when will it be released, and how much is it going to cost, though we think we're pretty sure when we are going to see it.