E3 2016: Sony shows up, wows the crowd, drops the mic

There has been a lot of hype leading up to this year's conference at E3 for Sony, that is until one of president Andrew House announced that they would not be unveiling the PlayStation Neo this year. So there are a lot of questions surrounding what will be shown, obviously there will plenty of games, and PlayStation VR, but what will be the show stopper? After last year's dominate E3 victory by Sony, there is a tough act to follow this year.

Kudos to Shawn Layden of Sony for acknowledging the horrendous terrorist attack in Orlando in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Sony definitely went after the spectacle factor to open their E3 2016 conference at Shire Auditorium with a full orchestra and have them playing the score beautifully to the games featured. Check out all of the great trailers below.


Released about 30 minutes before the show began

Mafia III

Released this afternoon


While the title of the video is mistaken (E2 isn;t a thing, lol) here is the Official announce trailer for Hawken released shortly before the press conference began.

God of War

The crowd went bonkers when Kratos' husky baritone began to boom aloud the speakers. The game-play trailer was awesome and the graphics, of course, look great! It does look like the God of War tradition of Quick Time Events will be continuing, but who cares when it brings so much spectacle!

Days Gone

A The Last of Us mixed with Sons of Anarchy feel.

The Last Guardian

Will be officially releasing October 26th, 2016

Horizon Zero Dawn

A new PlayStation exclusive! Mechs have taken over the Earth in the forma of giant beasts. A very cool concept including being able to "tame" some of the beasts after battling them. The crowd gave what felt to be a bit of a tepid response to what should have been a tent pole title.

Detroit Become Human

In the vein of the moral dilemma of i.Robot, Detroit Become Human asks the question are Androids a sentient life form? Should the have rights? Would they be our slaves or our toys? 

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard VR

In what is sure to be a terrifying VR experience, The Umbrella Corporation is returning to consles! There was a DEFINITE strong response to the trailer. Will be fully VR payable when it releases in Jan of 2017.

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR has been officially announced to release October 13th 2016 with 50 games at launch, and $399 USD price tag. Sony reports it WILL work on the current PS4. Below is a sampling of games that will be offered at launch.






FINAL FANTASY XV SEPT 30 & FFXV VR Experience to follow


Remastered Crash Bandicoot and Skylanders Imaginators

The crowd was losing their collective minds when Crash Bandicoot came out in shadow on stage along with Layden. He announced that all three Crash titles will be getting the remaster treatment for PS4 coming soon.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

If you were watching closely hopefully you caught the Indiana Jones refernce in the trailer, and the demo is available NOW!


The crowd went absolutely CRAZY when Hideo Kojima walked out on stange. We are getting are first look at the master himself's first project for his new studio, DEATH STRANDING starring Norman Reedus

Spider-Man PS4

Looks like a third person Spider-Man game is on its way, but the crowd seemed confused with no anticipated release or title appearing, just a hashtag #SPIDERMANPS4

An AMAZING performance out of Sony, the mic just hit the floor. Even with the cloud of what Microsoft was able to pul off today with the Xbox One S and the announcement of Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation destroyed their presser. Unique games all over the place, the fans got what they want and that's what lights it up. It was interesting to see how the presentation hinged not around console specs, but the gaming experience as a whole. Sony went out of their way to mention all the spec in the world don't matter unless you have the best games to go along with them, I am assuming this is a not so subtle dig at Xbox. What did you think of Sony's event let us know in the comments below