American Justice 2016: Rape, American Priorities and White Privelege

Renowned asshat and rapist Brock Turner was released from prison yesterday, and the news media immediately began posting articles about it. As I read many, many articles about his release and summaries of his case, i grew more and more incensed at the entire ordeal. 

That said, I opted to write my own headline and piece for the imaginary newspaper in my head, the one called Logical News of A Truth Seeking Nation. Here were my thoughts: 

Convicted rapist and sexual predator Brock Turner released from prison. 

Brock Turner was released quietly at 6 a.m. today without much fanfare or protest. In a move that is as much an assault on real justice as his attack was on his victim, Turner was released after only three months in jail following his conviction for sexually assaulting a unconscious young woman who didn't even possess the capacity to fight him off. The world watched in horror as Turner's trial turned into a circus act with the ringmaster being the judge in his case. After declaring that properly punishing Turner would be detrimental to his future as a star swimmer and upstanding citizen, the judge remarked that any harsher of a sentence would be too brutal of a penalty for a privileged young white man who had so much going for him. Born into a life of privilege and self-entitlement, Turner has apparently been taught his entire life there is no such thing as the word NO. This was exemplified buy Turner's attack on his victim. Possessing apparently the type of "Everything I want, I get" mentality typical of white bread, upper-crust socialite ivy league students, Turner found a young woman unconscious next to a dumpster on campus. Instead of offering to help her, see if she was ok, or calling authorities, Turner's first thought was instead to remove articles of the woman's clothing and violate her in the most degrading of ways.

While Turner was busy demonstrating the the much lauded values of a Stanford man, such as humping the unconscious body of a woman next to a dumpster, he was spotted by several passers-by who then yelled, asking what he was doing. Like all stand up men who have nothing to hide, and honestly don't think that they've done anything wrong, Turner ran like a coward in an attempt to flee. After being tackled and held captive until authorities could arise by the bystanders, Turner was taken into custody for the assault.

Turner's trial and the media coverage that surrounded it highlighted many of the problems in today's justice system, in addition to putting a spotlight on the incredibly misogynistic "Old Boys Club" mentality among the affluent white communities in this country. No one however, was more shocked about Turner's sentence than his own parents. In fact, Turner's father was especially outraged. In an interview, Turner's father, a world-class mentor and father figure, stated that Turner's sentencing penalty was a "steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action". Setting the standard for world-class douchebags and overall shitty human beings, Turner's father cut the interview short as he had to get back to engraving gas masks as gag-gifts for Jewish Holocaust Survivors, and "I got raped and all I got was this lousy Tshirt & matching knee pads" shirts. Because you know, TERRIBLE FUCKING HUMAN BEINGS. 

Speaking to news agency WTF, Turner's lawyer said the real winner in this case was the court itself. In addition to allowing a rich, white, yuppie socialite get off with a lighter sentence then a Black purse snatcher in an inner city, they also managed to make good use of us tax dollars by keeping Turner in protective custody to ensure no harm befell him during his time in prison. Because preventing the perpetrators of heinous and violent crimes against others from suffering any physical or emotional abuse during their time in prison is the real success story in the American justice system.

However it should be noted that Turner will be required to register as a sex offender in the state of Ohio when he returns to live with family. The emotionally scarred victim of his violent sexual assault will probably take comfort in this fact. Knowing that while she won't be able to walk down a street at night without looking over her shoulder, or step into a dark place without a terrifying fear of what might happen to her, or engage in just about any activity for the rest of her life without the haunting fear of being sexually violated, knowing that Turner will have to live with being called names will feel like, well, justice, I'm sure.