Geek.0 S3E11 - iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the iPhone X

We are back with a new episode! Apple showed us the next iteration of the world's favorite phone with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, then they took a look into their crystal ball to show us "the future of smartphones" with the iPhone X. Did Apple land a knock-out blow with their $1000 behemoth, did they miss the mark, or is it a combination of both? Find Out! 

Geek.0 S3E7- Trash Panda, Wonder Woman, Castlevania & More

Hey Geeks! We are FINALLY getting a chance to discuss our thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2:18), the press on Wonder Woman is starting to trickle out and is sounding very promising (22:50), Netflix released a first trailer for its Castlevania animated series (30:05) and we also discuss the cancellation of The Get Down (39:00), and Dubai officially has Robocop, WTF?!?! (44:48)

Geek.0 S3E5 - CoD WWII; Telecoms lie???; Net Neutrality; It's a Sheep in a bag!; Webroot melts down

Hey Geeks! Check out this edition of Geek.0 Where we discuss Call of Duty getting back to their roots with the WWII trailer. (1:49)  At&t and Verizon aren't being truthful with advertising 5G (which isn't real) and gigabit for $70 (which isn't that cheap) respectively. (12:00)  Net Neutrality is once again back in the news what happened this time.  (20:30) Scientists grew a sheep in an artificial womb. (33:25) Finally, Webroot melted down taking Windows with it. (38:38) 

Geek.0 S3E4- Why Nintendo WHY?; Xbox Scorpio; Ryzen 5; Batgirl movie

This time on Geek.0 we discuss what in the world Nintendo is thinking by discontinuing the NES Classic.(3:30) The specs are out on the Xbox Scorpio, what do the experts think.(25:05) AMD has released a new processor that going to give Intel a run for their money. (40:00) DC is going to give a solo Batgirl movie and they are tapping the Marvel talent pool to make it happen. (50:40)

Geek.0 S3 Special Episode - Our wives help us rank the Disney Princess movies

Hey Geeks! We have a very special episode of Geek.0 for you. In honor of the release of the live(ish) action Beauty and The Beast our lovely wives were willing to venture into the Geek-cave and help rank the Disney Princess movies from worst to first. Find out which movies made the grade and which movies give us that ever so lovely meh, that happened, feeling. 

Geek.0 S3E3 - Horizon Zero Dawn; Nintendo Switch; Wait...Shawn's never seen 'The Simpsons'????

Hey Geeks! Time for another pulse pounding episode of Geek.0! This week we discuss our thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn (2:28) and the Nintendo Switch (11:07). Then we wrap it up with the disturbing revelation that Shawn Michael has NEVER (I repeat NEVER EVER) seen an episode of The Simpsons from beginning to end and how he is now FINALLY going binge watch all 27 seasons and let us know what he thinks of the cultural phenomenon (39:50).  

Geek.0 S3E2 - Yahoo! Price Drop; iPhone Crack and an Unplanned Apple Rant; Pewdiepie thoughts

Hey Geeks! We had to take a couple of weeks off due to a family emergency, but we are back to discuss the current goings on. This week we discuss how bad Yahoo! sucks which led to Verizon asking for a pretty hefty price drop (9:50). The AP wants to know how the FBI cracked iPhone security which led us into a pretty good discussion on the state of Apple (15:10) and then rolling into the state of wearables/smartwatches (45:00). We wrap up discussing the Pewdiepie situation (49:38). 

Geek.0 S3E1 - DCEU woes; digital afterlife; who should be Who?

Hey Geeks! After a short little podcasting vacation of a few months we have returned. In this episode we discuss the issues plaguing the DCEU; several tech topics including a compnay that wants to provide a digital afterlife for you, as well as facebook's lawsuit loss; then we wrap up with a discussion about who should be the new Doctor Who which ended up taking quite a bit longer than we expected. Hope you enjoy and welcome back!

Geek.0 S2E21 - Luke Cage; The CW app; PlayStation VR

Hey Geeks! Even though we were delayed by some technical difficulties we were able to power through and bring you a new episode of Geek.0. In this episode we discuss Luke Cage and whether or not we think it is worth your time (1:46). The CW released a new app and it may just change the way we watch TV (28:25). Shawn got in his PlayStation VR and we took it for a test drive and want to give you our thoughts (39:10). And, as always, we finish with What's Your Geek? The one thing we have been geeking out over all week (56:10). 

Geek.0 S2E20 - PlayStation 4 PRO; iPhone 7 reactions; Blackberry (finally) quits hardware production

Hey Geeks! It's time for the latest edition of Geek.0. We've taken a few weeks off for reflection and contemplation on what we saw with the PlayStation (1:45) and Apple (19:15) events. We also discuss the fact that Blackberry has finally, long after they should have, thrown in the towel on making hardware and what that might mean for us (31:56). Then, of course, we finish up with What's Your Geek (39:58)?

Geek.0 - Chris Finally Sees E1 - Stranger Things; The Martian; Godzilla (2014)

Hey Geeks! We've decided to add another show to our repertoire and this one is a little self-serving. Chris loves pop-culture especially movies and TV but he doesn't have as much flexibility to keep up with things (especially movies) as Shawn. So for that reason we decided to start Chris Finally Sees, a new series that we will record each time Chris catches up with culture. In our first episode we get to actually talk about three things! The Netflix phenomenon Stranger Things (1:26); and two movies from 2014 The Martian (30:42) and Godzilla (38:28).  

Geek.0 S2E19- Apple woes; Note 7 is the bomb; Sony and Apple event expectations

An awesome Crew of individuals who are helping in Louisiana right now

Hey Geeks! We have resolved our technical issues and even though we're a day late we are definitely not a dollar short on the content. This week we discuss the bad week Apple has been having with "Touch Disease" (2:35) and back taxes with the European Union (10:21). Samsung is also having a rough couple of days with reports of the new Galaxy Note 7 exploding (16:35). Sony is planning on unveiling new PlayStations next week, but how many (24:30)? Apple is going to launch the iPhone 7 next week, but what else are we expecting (39:26). Also check out The Week in Geek for the best we didn't have time to deep dive on (01:03:36) and What's Your Geek? Our favorite geek thing we're obsessed with over the last 7 days (01:09:08). Finally, we discuss the devastation that is still going on in Louisiana due to historic flooding. If you feel compelled to donate to flood relief (and anything helps) please click HERE.

Geek.0 S2E18- PlayStation Slim; PS Now; Xbox Onesie; Apple Touch Disease

Hey Geeks! This week we talk about the leaked photos of the PlayStation Slim (1:34)Sony bringing their PS3 library to your computer with PlayStation Now (13:26); for some reason Xbox unveiled an adult sized onesie (22:03); Apple has a problem with "Touch Disease" that they are refusing to acknowledge (28:25). Also check out other top stories in The Week in Geek (36:49) and our one favorite thing of this week with What's Your Geek? (41:28).

Geek.0 Gets to Know #1- Andrew Ormsby (Flick Freaks)

Hey Geeks! We have decided that it is time to expand our podcasting brand and add an additional show to the line-up, Geek.0 Gets to Know. With each episode of Gets to Know we will be talking to other pod-casters, tech aficionados, pop culture experts, and other people we think are cool and think you'll find interesting as well. In our inaugural episode we chatted with The Captain himself, Andrew Ormsby of Flick Freaks (who joined us for our disgusting soda challenge as well). Find out what led him along his journey to podcasting and YouTubing and some of his thoughts on upcoming movies Arrival and Rogue One.

Geek.0 S2E17- Sausage Party review, Project Alloy, Microsoft Holographic, Galaxy Note 7, and More!!!

Hey Geeks! This week we went to see Sausage Party find out our thoughts (00:50). Intel is already changing the VR/AR game with Project Alloy (18:43) along with Microsoft joining the party with Holographic (24:27). The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reviews are coming in, and it is apparently the greatest smartphone EVER (30:30). We introduce two new segments The Week in Geek (37:47) and What's Your Geek? (41:37)

Geek.0 S2E16- Ghostbusters kills a studio; Samsung unpacks; Suicide Squad trepidation; Nintendo Power; Pokemon don't Go

Hey Geeks! We are covering a wide amount of topics this week including a gaming studio blames Ghostbusters for their bankruptcy (00:30), Samsung held their annual unpacked event (5:10), Suicide Squad isn't fairing well with critics (15:38), all 13 years of Nintendo Power are up on for you to read (27:45), and Pokemon GO begins to overhaul their app and fans are PISSED (36:05)