Geek.0 S2E12- iPhone improvements, We have a new moon, Lotsa VR, 3 PS4's?, We're giving away FFXV!

Hey Geeks! Once again we have returned to bring you the best in tech and pop culture for the week. First up, would you like to make your iPhone Toddler proof? (2:20) Do you need more storage on your iPhone, and has SanDisk found a solution? (8:10) NASA announced Earth has a second moon. (23:45) Once again we get into discussion about VR; Madame Tussauds has unveiled a Ghostbusters VR experience (27:25) and PlayStation VR is back up for pre-order. (33:40) It is looking like Sony may be releasing multiple new PS4s. (38:45) And finally, WE ARE GIVING AWAY A COPY OF FINAL FANTASY 15!!!! (46:35)