Geek.0 S2E19- Apple woes; Note 7 is the bomb; Sony and Apple event expectations

An awesome Crew of individuals who are helping in Louisiana right now

Hey Geeks! We have resolved our technical issues and even though we're a day late we are definitely not a dollar short on the content. This week we discuss the bad week Apple has been having with "Touch Disease" (2:35) and back taxes with the European Union (10:21). Samsung is also having a rough couple of days with reports of the new Galaxy Note 7 exploding (16:35). Sony is planning on unveiling new PlayStations next week, but how many (24:30)? Apple is going to launch the iPhone 7 next week, but what else are we expecting (39:26). Also check out The Week in Geek for the best we didn't have time to deep dive on (01:03:36) and What's Your Geek? Our favorite geek thing we're obsessed with over the last 7 days (01:09:08). Finally, we discuss the devastation that is still going on in Louisiana due to historic flooding. If you feel compelled to donate to flood relief (and anything helps) please click HERE.