Pip-Boy Deluxe Bluetooth Edition

ThinkGeek’s officially-licensed Pip-Boy 3000 Mk. IV replica. This post-apocalyptic wearable device has working knobs and screen that displays a variety of decorative interfaces, but it can also show incoming SMS and calls if you pair it with your smartphone. It'll set you back about Tree-Fiddy.

Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Here's an awesome gift for the Star Wars fans in your life. This Death Star levitating speaker from Hellosy sports a 1000mAh battery for 6-8 hours of listening time, as well as a 12 month warranty. It'll set you back a pretty penny at $220, but that's a small price to pay for this much awesome to be able to sit on your desk.

Giant LEGO Storage LEGO

Because what kind of LEGO aficionado would you be if you couldn't store LEGO inside a bigger LEGO? Available in 9 colors, it will set you back a cool $30. 

AT-AT Bookends

Keep your collection of geeky literature organized and propped up in an eye catching manner using these Star Wars AT-AT bookends. Crafted from solid wood, they’re engraved with fine detailing and are meticulously assembled by hand to ensure quality. You can pick it up for $49.99.

Peel iPhone Case

Don't want Jony Ive's hard work to be covered up, but still don't want your $700+ phone to be exposed to all of the dangers the world has to throw at it?  Well check out this case, the Peel. Right now for $25, the super-slim Peel iPhone case adds just 0.35mm to your iPhone, has zero branding, and is as close to weightless as you can get. Available for iPhone 6/6+ or 6S/6S+ in either grey or gold.

  • Doesn’t add bulk or weight to your phone
  • Free of any branding
  • Designed to be ultra thin (just 0.35mm thick)
  • Perfectly formed to fit your iPhone
  • Protects your protruding camera lens w/ a subtle lip