MEE audio M6-PRO In Ear Noise Isolating Headphones

I have been using MEE audio headphones for a while now thanks to initially finding a pair on a gold box deal from Amazon and being impressed with the sound for the money. I originally use a pair of Sport-Fi M6 after about a year of heavy use between podcasting and use in a band as in ear monitors the wire just finally gave out, completely understandable, especially for a $15 set of ear-buds. So this last Christmas I upgraded to a pair of M6-PRO and am very happy I did. For the surprisingly low price of $43.00 the M6-PRO is a difficult value to beat even with higher priced headphones that are out on the market.


  • Universal Fit w/7 ear Tips             

  • 1 set of COMPLY premium ear tips                                                 

  • Studio Tuning for excellent clarity and deep bass          

  • Detachable Cables              

  • 1-Set of Studio Cables and 1-Set of Headset cables featuring Microphone, remote, and volume controls

  • 1/8" to 1/4" adapter  

  • Protective Carrying Case    

  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Samson Meteor Microphone

This has been an excellent little microphone for both of us at times. Shawn uses it when he is on the road and Chris uses it all the time. A simple fold up USB mic with a modern old-school feel, the Samson Meteor Mic has been dependable for us since the very beginning of geek.0. 

Check it out today on Amazon for only $68




  • 25mm condenser mic         

  • 1/8" headphone jack           

  • Intelligent LED status light  

  • Adjustable Headphone Volume Control                   

  • Threaded mic stand adapter                         

  • Positive Rubber Grip Feet

Rokform Phone Cases

We both have utilized Rokform cases on our smartphones and love them. There is a versatility to these cases you just don't see in others. From the click lock system that allows you to mount the case many places to the magnet in the back of the case it is difficult to find a better case (if you don't need waterproof) than Rokform. Our phones have been to hell and back and survived a lot of falls thanks to Rokform. 

They also offer some excellent docking solutions as well as iPad cases, and coming soon...Google Pixel cases as well as a ton of mounting solutions for your newly acquired case.

Check them out!