Could Nokia actually be re-releasing the 3310?

image source: huffington post

It has been 17 years since Nokia first released their, at one time, ubiquitous mobile phone the 3310. The no frills phone that would crack the sidewalk before it broke was THE phone to have before smartphones pushed it aside.  The customization of different face-plates, days and days of battery life, and the great game the 3310 was darn near a perfect phone.  If you are a kid of the early aughts you definitely either owned a Nokia 3310 or 75% of the people you knew did (I mean who didn't love snake).

Now, according to a report from Evan Blass writing for VentureBeat, Nokia is planning to relaunch the iconic handset at the end of this month in Europe for around $65 (US). There is no word yet on whether it will launch in other regions. 

I have to say I think it is pretty awesome that HMD Global (who now builds Nokia handsets) would be willing to launch a no frills phone that will make calls, text (T9 predicitive text FTW), stay charged for eons, and of course allow us to play snake for such a cheap price. 

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