Do you need to divide a space and like to play with LEGOs? Check our EverBlock

We are always looking for cool and geeky solutions to everyday problems. For example do you have a large space like a basement you need to divide into separate rooms? Or maybe you're having the classic sitcom conundrum of you stay on your half of the apartment and I'll stay on mine? Well worry no more and quit painting lines down the center of the room, carpet can get expensive, and check out EverBlock. 

EverBlock is an environmentally friendly plastic block made out of recycled materials that very much resembles the LEGO blocks we all love to build with. According to their website:

EverBlock Systems offers a modular building system of oversized plastic blocks that facilitates the construction of all types of objects. It’s quick and easy to build nearly anything, by stacking and organizing the universal blocks in nearly any shape, pattern, or size.

Anything you’ve constructed can be taken apart and re-assembled again, and the pieces can be re-used to build other objects, making EverBlock a unique green building method.

We offer rentals and sales of EverBlock® as well as design and installation services. We can consult with you on large scale or complex projects and provide customized solutions to meet your needs.

Here's a great time lapse of a couple of guys using the EverBlock system to construct a couple of rooms in a apartment, and I think you'll agree it looks pretty cool when they are all done.