UPS is looking to pull an Amazon and add drones to its fleet

Image Source UPS

We've all been hearing stories about how Amazon is going to improve delivery by having a fleet of drones descend on the populous like a plague of locust, which would in theory leave Amazon's shipping partners suffering. But UPS is not going to go down without it's own innovative ways to get you Prime packages. 

Image Source UPS

UPS announced that they tested Hybrid Electric Trucks with On-Board drones in Tampa, Florida on Monday. The project could save UPS upwards of $50 Million per year in fuel costs and time savings PER YEAR if it would allow UPS to cut just one mile off of each of their 66,000 driver's routes. This would be accomplished by allowing drivers to deliver to two places at one time, as well as reducing travel time to rural homes that are far off of the main roads or have terrain that is too difficult for the trucks to conquer. 

For those that may worry that SkyNet is coming to take er jerbs don't worry UPS has no plans to eliminate their drivers. Mark Wallace Senior VP of Global Engineering and Sustainabilty had the following to say:

Our drivers are still key, and our drones aren’t going to be replacing our service providers, but they can assist and improve efficiency

It's still going to be a while before UPS will be able to roll out their drone fleet across the US. They are currently working with the FAA to change draft new regulations that will allow commercial drone deliveries to operate the drones without having to keep them in their sightline. 

Check out the video below and let us know in the comments if you are excited for your deliveries to be made via drone.