Tech Tip: 5 Ways to Stop Digital Hoarding


Digital hoarding is the result of an increasing compulsion to hang on to more and more artifacts of our digital lives. Digital packrats pose problems in both the workplace and private setting. Leaving old accounts unsecured and failing to backup large units of unorganized data are just the start to problems associated with digital hoarding. If you find yourself overwhelmed by e-mail and saving the 3rd and 4th file versions, here are 5 tips to curb your hoarding habit:

1. Regain Control of Your Email

Overflowing and unorganized email inboxes are among the leading causes of digital hoarding. If you have more than 1,000 emails sitting in your inbox, it’s time to take action. Take a few hours to create a simple organization system and consider apps like Mailstrom to make a big dent in your stockpile of unread (or read) messages.

2. Reconsider Unlimited Storage Options

There’s no shortage of online storage options for your photos and documents. While backing up your valuable data should always be a priority, reconsider the necessity of unlimited storage capacity as a primary factor in selecting the best service for your needs. A small investment of time in organizing and culling your files will allow you to settle on a reasonable storage option that matches your needs.